Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

LA Beauty's newest treatment, available NOW at £40 per treatment or as a package of 6 treatments for £200 (saving £40).

How does it work?

Shrinking Violet, made by Tibby Olivier, is one of the most powerful body wrap products available in salons today. Unlike your traditional inch-loss body wraps, Shrinking Violet doesn’t work by dehydration but by Lipolysis, a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat from problem areas.

Shrinking Violet is a painless, effortless process that can successfully remove fat from problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and the abdomen. Lipolysis is achieved by chemical reaction and heat which permanently breaks down fat within fat cells. These will only reform should you continue to follow an unhealthy lifestyle. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort. The Shrinking Violet oil contains 20% Hydrolysed Lecithin (the activator for Lipolysis – this is not organic) and 80% Lavender, Cypress and Juniper oils.

In Laymen’s terms – the easiest way to explain how it works is to think of your Fat Cell as a Firm Grape. The Active ingredient (Hydrolysed Lecithin 20%) we use penetrates through the surface layer and targets the Grape. It then turns the inside of the Grape to liquid. The liquid (Fat) is then excreted from the body leaving the Grape looking more like a Raisin shrunk and empty. The fat you lose through this process is permanent. The Grape (fat cell) will only return to its previous state if your diet allows it to.

How much will I lose?

The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, metabolic rate, body fat percentage and any medication you may be taking, but the average loss is between 3 and 6 inches of PURE FAT after the 1st treatment, approximately 10 inches after 72 hours

How many sessions will I need?

It depends. A single treatment is an excellent boost for a special occasion, but for clients wanting to use the treatment in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating, a course of 6 is recommended for optimum results - with each treatment a week apart (minimum 7days). Most clients then require maintenance treatments every few months.

Who is excluded from treatment?

Anyone allergic to soya beans
Pregnant (or trying to become pregnant) or breastfeeding women
Those with raised varicose veins, ulcers, open sores, cuts or wounds
People with skin complaints such as severe eczema/psoriasis
Diabetics (unless you have a Doctors referral)
People who have had surgery within the last 6 months